Scotland’s Massive Contribution to the Sport of Curling

With documented evidence of the sport having been played in Scotland as far back as 1541, there can be no doubt that this sport owes a lot of its progress to Scotland. This is the birthplace of this sport, and it is in this country that the sport was played for the first time. Its invention is basically in this country and it is due to this that this sport boasts of its origins. Scotland’s impact on curling is felt world over and it is due to this that it boasts most of the success that has been achieved in this game. These roots of this sport being in Scotland and the evidence of all the documents that are found here about the sport, it is prudent to say that Scotland is truly the motherland of Curling in the world.

Although the sport was taken to Canada where it has been really popular, there is no denying that the Scottish settlers who brought it to Canada got it from Scotland. The Grand Caledonian Club that was instituted in the year 1838 to oversee the progress of the sport through formulating rules that would govern how it was played, this is basically what brought popularity to the game. The law of the four by two system was brought about and this gave even more ground for the game to flourish and by the year 1860, there was no denying that this is what the future of Curling was. It is due to this law that the game emerged strongly and it picked quite well in Scotland and the rest of the world soon followed suit. The discipline of the players too became perfect and the eight men in the rink would wait for the ball in harmony.

The popularity of the sport gave rise to medals to the teams that were now emerging and controlled competitions had to be brought up. This is what promoted the game in the counties and you would find teams forming up by the day which would eventually become famous. The first indoor rink was built in Scotland back in 1907 and this even further heightened the solidification of the game in the world. After this first indoor rink, the emergence of the one at Edinburgh and Glasgow was basically a must. These is basically what prompted the game to be even more famous and for people to accept it all over. In the 1936 Winter Olympics, The Great Britain Team walked away with a gold medal and this even further made Scotland a household name in this sport. Scotland has by far the most number of any rinks than any other country in the world. Boasting of 22 rinks in total across the whole country, this is one place that this sport owes everything to. There is a lot more that Scotland has contributed as far as the development of this sport is concerned that can’t all be documented but the fact is that Scotland is the motherland. This is why Scotland’s impact on curling is very huge compared to any other country.

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