The Impact Scotland Has Had On Rugby

Scotland’s impact on rugby dates as far back as 1871 where they played England. Having won numerous competitions for a long time now, it is no secret that this is one of the most influential nations when it comes to the sport of rugby. They currently rank 9th in the world, and this success is mostly attributed to the fact that they have been in this sport for as long as it has always been there. Their contribution to the development of this sport the world over has been massive, and there is no denying the fact that they will continue to influence a lot of generations to come. The game that they challenged England in back in 1871 was the first international rugby match, and this is the cradle for other games to follow. They beat England in this game and this is what paved the way for other international games to follow. If it weren’t for Scotland challenging England to a match, there probably wouldn’t have been an international game for a long while. These are the pioneers of the sport as far as the tri nations are concerned, and the game owes a great deal to this country.

An inaugural tournament was kicked off in 1883 and Scotland competed in this one. It involved Five Nations, and Scotland went on to clinch it a record 14 times, the including the last ever event of the Five Nations which was held in 1999. A sixth competitor was added to the fold, and this was Italy, but the impact of Scotland on this sport remains massive. The introduction of the Rugby World Cup back in 1987 has seen Scotland compete in all eight competitions, and this is a fete that not many can boast of. This is why this is a country that has a lot invested in this sport, and the significance and relevance of their continued participation in this sport are major to the survival of the game. These international competitions in the rugby world today exist because a few Scots wrote England a letter challenging them to the first international rugby match that was played in front of 4000 fans and Scotland won it.

All this success in the sport, there is no denying the influence that this nation has had on this sport and will continue to do so for a lot of years to come. They are the country that brought together Five of the countries in Europe to compete in a tournament that sparked the relevance and dominance of the sport. If it wasn’t for that game against England, who knows if the sport would have emerged as one of the best sports in the world. Their role in making this sport one of the greatest is undoubtedly superior to most nations can even claim to boast of. Therefore, there is no denying that the country of Scotland has ad one of the most significant impacts in this game that can never be forgotten. Although they haven’t won the world cup yet, there is no denying that this is the cradle of international matches in this sport.

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