Scotland’s Impact on Football

When you hear the word football, you probably automatically think of England and the English Premier League. While English have, without a doubt, influenced football like no other nation in the world, their northern neighbor Scotland are the final piece of the world football puzzle and, arguably, without the great nation of Scotland there would be no football as we know it today.
Scotland’s Impact On Football
Many of you reading this are not aware of the fact that what we today call football was played in Scotland as early as the 15th century. In fact, what’s today referred to as “medieval football” was a popular game in Scotland during the Middle Ages, especially among young people. It used to be played in the streets and out in the fields. Even young boys would play football in medieval Scotland and crowds would gather, people would cheer, teams would win and teams would lose.
This impulse and love for football is an integral part of the Scottish tradition and that is the reason we have Scotland to thank for the most popular sport in the world. Over the years, football in Scotland has developed in many different ways, but some things have remained the same and they have become the trademarks of Scottish football.
Many historians have noted that there is evidence supporting the claims that Scottish schoolboys played football almost on a daily basis, but what’s characterized Scottish football, ever since it’s beginnings, is the traditional Scottish fighting spirit on the pitch. Historians describe early football in the streets and out in the fields of Scotland as a rough, competitive, manly game. We can see evidence of this today. Scottish Football Association is not known for having teams that play technically superior football, that’s what the Spanish do. Scottish run, tackle, slide, jump and fight. This is part of the reason football is so popular in Scotland, even today. Almost every club in the Scottish Football Association has a devout, fanatical following.
When talking about Scotland’s impact on football, it’s impossible not to mention the Celtic and Rangers game, as it is one of the biggest derbies in the world and for a good reason – these two clubs have a rivalry that reaches far back into history and games between these two football giants are, to this day, televised all over the world.
One thing is for sure – in Scotland, football is still played the way it was initially meant to be played. Football is the quintessential working man’s sport. In the last couple of decades, footballers have become multimillionaires and football clubs are not football clubs any more – they are financial and marketing institutions. Capitalism is, slowly but surely, eating football, but Scotland has managed to stay away from that. Scottish football is still a working man’s sport. Scottish football players fight on the pitch, fans love and support their teams when they’re winning and when they’re losing with equal, unmatched enthusiasm. In Scotland football is still in it’s golden age. Maybe there are no players like Messi Or Cristiano Ronaldo In The Scottish Football Association, but who needs them when the referee blows the whistle and legions of screaming fans start chanting and singing passionately? That is something money can’t buy, that transcends football and that is, essentially, what sport is all about.

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