Golf: the Iconic Scottish Sport

Scotland is a country that has many distinctive traits. From its kilts to the whiskey breweries, this small and rugged nation has provided many well-known additions to the global culture. But, when it comes to sports, there is little doubt that the same nation provided the world with the most famous leisure sporting activity: golf. As a modern game, it originated in the 15th century Scotland, from where it soon traveled all over the world.

In the middle decades of the 20th century, it was already an established phenomenon that allowed millions to enjoy clean air, beautiful picturesque scenery, and some exciting sporting competitions. Today, the impact of the nation that invented the very sport of golf is hard to measure. There is little doubt that Scotland’s impact on golf is immense, but some facts could surprise even those people who follow the sport regularly. Here are the main facts about the influences of this nation on the global sport of golf.

The Rules of the Game

While there were many games that were somewhat similar to golf which reached back to ancient times, only one truly global game emerged from these and it came about in Scotland. Its first historical mentioned dates back to 1457 when it was banned because the ruler, James II believed it interfered with the learning of archery. By, 1764, the standard game of golf that utilizes 18-hole system was established in St Andrews. From that point on, the game of golf did not look back and first spread across the Anglo-Saxon world, from which it conquered gradually the rest of the world. That is why today, every golf game that is played is played by the Scottish rules.

Economic Impact of Scotland’s Golf

In 2014, golfers living in the United Kingdom spent £4.3 billion on their sport, which is almost 15% of all consumer money spent on sport. At the same time, golf institutions paid over £990 million in the tax form to the UK government. The turnover of the UK golf industry was about £10.3 billion for the same year. Even though these figures represent the entire UK, it is Scotland which possesses most golf clubs and where the majority of these funds, according to the population, were allocated. The same funds are a clear proof that golf has to be a huge industry which does not only allow people to enjoy their sport but also employs people and supports the nation through paying taxes. A clear proof of this idea is the fact that over 12,000 individuals are employed in the Scotland’s golfing industry. As an example, Scotland should be used by other nations who are willing to expand their own golfing industries.

Scottish Visual Distinction

Scotland left a mark on the game of golf also in the fashion that is associated with this sport. From golfing shoes to plaid trousers and distinctive hats, all about the game is classically Scottish. Today, the same sense of style is accepted all over the world, no matter where the game is played. Here, the impact of the Scottish nation of the game is undeniable from a single glance at the way people who play it are usually dressed.

Because of these facts, there is little doubt that Scotland’s impact on the sport of golf was not only defining, but also a source of a lasting legacy that continues to this day.



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