7 Popular Sports in Scotland

It is hard for a person to talk about sports without Scotland coming into the picture. For centuries, Scotland has enjoyed international recognition as the home of various sports activities. Below are seven of the most popular games that originated in Scotland:

1. Golf

The people of Scotland have enjoyed playing golf for over six centuries. Scotland is fondly referred to as the home of golf since it literary gave birth to golf. Unlike many countries where golf is a preserve of wealthy and famous men, in Scotland, golf is a game for all and sundry. Since Scots people started playing golf in the 19th century, they have not stopped. Scotland offers her people an estimate of 550 golf courses.

2. Curling

Curling was first hatched in 1541 and gained popularity in 1924 in Chamonix. The close association between Canada and Scotland led to the foundation of Royal Montreal Curling Club. Other countries like the United States of America, Sweden, and Switzerland later followed sway and formed their curling clubs.
Presently, curling is widely gaining recognition and acceptance in many countries like Japan, Australia, Korea, and Newzealand.

3. Football

The first global football match to be played was between Scotland and England. The game, which ended in a 0-0 draw, attracted over 4000 spectators. It was played at Hampden Park. That was the first of the many football matches that Scotland has played throughout the world. Glasgow boasts of being the home of football in Scotland.

4. Cycling

The first bicycle in the world, made of wood, was produced in Scotland in 1839. Perhaps the desire and curiosity to explore the beautiful and spellbinding sceneries in Scotland motivated Scots people into cycling. One can say that Scotland has one of the best landscapes for cycling and mountain climbing.

5. Shinty

Shinty is a physically involving game played using a stick and a ball. Winning in shinty means hitting the ball with a wooden stick. As a game, shinty originated in Scotland in the 6th century. The game was used to coach medieval warriors in readiness for imminent war.
Shinty has metamorphosed over the years although the excitement with which it is played is just the same. The most revered players of shinty in Scotland are Newtomore and Kingussie villages. Scotland was awarded her first shinty cup in 1895.

6. Rugby

The first global rugby league was held in Scotland. Since 1879, Scotland has been playing with England year in year out. It is so popular in Scotland that some people identify more with it that they do football. BT Murrayfield Stadium, a vast and magnificent field, plays host to rugby matches in Scotland. Scotland’s rugby team is renowned for completing all rugby world cups.

7. Tennis

In 1539, King James V built tennis courts at Falkland Palace. Until today, the tennis courts are in existence. It is believed that King James VI and Mary, the queen of Scotland, played in the same courts. Today, Andy Murray enjoys the glory of being a proud winner of an Olympic Gold and two Grand Slams.

Golf, curling, football, cycling, shinty, rugby and tennis are some of the sports activities that have made Scotland stand out.


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